Phrasal Nerds: Phrasal Verbs

Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole!

4.8 stars on Google Play and the App Store

Phrasal Nerds: Phrasal VerbsGoogle Play and the App Store4.8

Phrasal Nerds teaches you English phrasal verbs in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

We mix fun and learning

Study mode will help you learn phrasal verbs while quiz mode will test your skills. A basic knowledge of English is expected.

Phrasal Nerds contains:

  • 101 phrasal verbs, presented in manageable packs, to make it easy for you to organize your learning into lessons.
  • Study mode: inspired in one of the traditional methods for learning phrasal verbs: the use of flashcards. Each card explains the meaning behind one phrasal verb, through a custom illustration, the definition of the verb and an example usage of the verb.
  • Quiz mode: tests what you have learned with over 300 different questions, reinforcing your learning, by making you apply what you have learned in study mode.

All the learning is tied together by a storyline full of surprises, and an intuitive, simple interface, to make the learning experience an enjoyable one.


Addictive !!! This is the first time I have been addicted to a learning app, simply because Phrasal Nerds is amazing. Longing for more products like this 🙂

Phrasal Nerds player on Google Play

Fun to play, and good practice. Downloaded it to practice, now I can’t stop playing. Great fun! Should be included in English courses.

Phrasal Nerds player on Google Play