Finger Safari

How many nuts can you collect before you get bitten?

4.7 stars on Google Play and the App Store

Finger SafariGoogle Play and the App Store4.7

Run your finger through the savanna collecting as many nuts as you can. Be careful and avoid the hungry wild animals, they can bite you!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Finger Safari Crocodile


The more nuts you collect the higher your award will be. Challenge your family and friends to see who gets the highest score. There are 3 difficulty levels that you can try out: for beginners, advanced and pros.

Touch and hold the screen with one finger to start the game. Then, drag your finger around the screen collecting the nuts and avoiding the animals.


Awesome Game! Great game experience with lovely sketches. Very addictive 😉 Highly recommendable!

Finger Safari player on Google Play

A small but funny game I could play for hours. Really great!

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